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Introduction to Jana Medical Co.

Jana Medical Company is a Saudi company established in the city of Riyadh based on a group of medical companies united under the name (Jana Medical Company). It was launched in the year 2014, and was one of its most prominent and largest investments in the medical sector, specifically in the field of medical supplies and devices for anesthesia, neurosurgery, spine, ear, nose and throat, and this was represented in the Excellent Medical Care Company and the Elite Medical Company. The company was able, thanks to God first, and thanks to the experience and skills of its team, to have a large base of public and private sector hospitals in the Kingdom, and to be worthy of the trust of many prestigious clients, agencies and international brands.


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Our Companies

Our Family of Companies, Which provides the best medical services all over the KSA

In light of the challenges and the unlimited support from the rulers, the dream grew and we looked forward to more successes and we had an idea to establish a factory

Elite Medical Care was established in 2015 and works closely with hospitals across the Kingdom and the medical staff to understand and meet the health sector needs

It is one of the companies of Jana Medical Company, which was launched in the beginning of the year 2015, and specialized from the beginning in serving the medical sector

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Ordinary general assembly meeting 04/15/2024

Inviting shareholders to attend the ordinary general assembly meeting Jana Medical Company (closed

Extraordinary general assembly meeting 27/7/2023

The Board of Directors of Jana Medical Company (a closed joint stock company)

Ordinary General Assembly meeting

Jana Medical Company, a closed joint stock company, is delighted to invite all